Terms of Service

Start Smart is an online accounting portal which allows users to manage company financials. In agreeing to use the service each user agrees to the following:

  1. The creation of a user account solely to be used by the company for which the account has been created. Use of an account by any other business, other than the one to which the account has been registered will result in immediate termination of the account.

  2. All formulas and codes related to the functionality of the site are the property of Start Smart and may not be appropriated for any other purpose.

  3. Use of accounts for fraudulent or illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Violaters will be subject to account termination and the full measure of the law.

  4. Start Smart is not an agent of the IRS and as such does not take responsibility for sharing financial information with the IRS or any other tax enforcing body in Ghana or any other country. The liability of fulfilling tax obligations is the sole responsibility of the user.

  5. Data entered by users is considered confidential and will not be shared with any third party source.

  6. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords and pins secure.

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